Spring Break Staycation

Spring Break Staycation

Just because you're not jet-setting off to a tropical destination for spring break this year, doesn't mean you can't make a mental escape to somewhere sunny and 75 with a little spring break staycation. Regardless of what the current temps may be where you reside, we're bringing the beach to you with these fresh and fruity ginger beer cocktails which are sure to transport you to a sunny state of mind. 

Tricking Your Taste Buds

Whether you consider yourself to be a jokester or find that you're always on the butt end of the jokes, be prepared to get in a good laugh because April Fools' Day is on its way. We can't deny that we love pulling a good prank just as much as the guy next door, but this year the only fast one we'll be pulling is on our taste buds. These reinvented cocktail classics feature a surprising twist in the form of our favorite mixer and are sure to trick your taste buds with just one sip.

Seeing & Sipping Green

Irish or not, you're in luck this St. Patrick's Day because we're sharing our favorite green ginger beer cocktail recipes for those of you who plan to kick back and sip the day away. These three fresh + fruity concoctions are full of flavor, festive as can be and better than any pot of gold you could discover... well maybe we shouldn't go that far ;) Just a few sips of these St. Patrick's Day inspired cocktails and we guarantee you'll be ready to shake your shamrocks.

National Moscow Mule Day

Today we're raising a glass to our favorite holiday of the year -- National Moscow Mule Day. Since 1874, Barritt's Ginger Beer has been the go-to mixer for a number of drinks, but when this beloved cocktail made its way into inception in 1941, Barritt's took on a whole new purpose in bars across the globe. The truth is, we've never met a Moscow Mule we didn't like, but with so many different flavor combinations... can you blame us?

Sweet Treats for Your Valentine

They say the quickest way to the heart is through the stomach and after putting this theory to the test, whoever "they" is was definitely right. Whether you'll be spending this month with someone special celebrating Valentine's Day or will be gathering together your crew to celebrate Galentine's Day, let your sweet tooth loose and indulge in one of these delicious desserts